To participate in the festival, please submit a proposal for a piece of art, score, music, paper, or any activity that deals with the questions we are dealing with or complements them in a meaningful way. We plan on engaging with your proposal during the festival.

Your submission can be at any stage of development, but should be ready to put into action or at least grow with the group during the festival. These do not necessarily need to be performances or presentations for an audience, though it might be. Try to consider the context of the Festival itself, the other people involved, and how your proposal will activate various potentials throughout; in this way, the festival is much like an experimental composition. Proposals from past years have ranged from ‘searching for intelligence’ at Walden Pond, cooking lunch together, a wine-tasting, improvising together with various collected documentation fragments, creating a sonic map of the gallery, etc.

There is no required form or content of the submission, beyond the proposal. So please be as specific and clear as possible, since logistics and balance of aesthetics are things we are considering. (Please make sure luke & aaron can, the first time around, access your proposal.)

Issues of race and gender under-representation, among myriad other issues, plague festivals and events like ours. We cannot fix broken system (yet), but we surely cannot ignore these inequalities. So, please let us know something about yourself.

aaron & luke will read/listen to/experience all the submissions and come to a decision about whom we will 'accept' to this year's co-incidence.

We use the quotes around the word accept because this word is a placeholder of sorts. Applications, complicit with acceptances, are fraught with hierarchical power dynamics. Thus accept remains a placeholder for the concept that we would like to offer any and all interested parties (and probably some uninterested!) and the ability to attend. We have, as can be seen, not yet found a solution that is more appropriate and/or effective.

Complicating this is the fact we provide minor funding to those whom we can ‘accept’. We are only able to give resources to some, forcing luke & aaron into the role of curators, which neither finds comfortable. In every year, there have been a multitude of great submissions, among whom aaron & luke have rarely agreed upon in individual review. Thankfully, neither of us could do this without the other. Thus 'acceptance' to this festival means that we offer some applicants an amount of capital to offset the cost of participation.

As with all years, the festival has an open door for participation: if you’d like to join, please simply come!

applications are due october 1st, and results will be sent back by october 9th

are some materials on Holloway's work that may prove helpful