2023 Schedule

ten days with various activities, all free and open to anyone who wants to participate / view.

the following brings together various ‘impulse-projects’ already in-progress individually by people in the group, in preparation for us all being together at heim.art®️-Station.

how we organize time when together is open, as is participation in the various activities. our proposal below is simply a first step. and our hope is to, together, remain open to the possibility of something happening/developing that is entirely unexpected.

in general, the communal meals will serve as anchor points for the group– breakfast and lunch are, for the most part, flexible / at one’s discretion. dinner is planned and at the same time each night.

the time between meals is open: morning, afternoon, evening.

three ‘concerts’, while scheduled, are flexible, open to more people playing/participating, and intended as casual opportunities to share work with one another.

note: cooking/eating is ‘family style’ in the outdoor kitchen. jennie will generally lead us with meals, cooking, and cleaning-up. as with all the pieces, any and all should feel welcome to join, help, and/or propose their own meals they would like to cook.


Repeating frame for each day

Bernd, '102 moments', 09:00

Breakfast, ca. 09:00

Lunch, ca. 13:00

(Dinner prep, 18:00) / Dinner, 19:00

Bernd, 'TonStillen', 17:30

Ongoing & Indeterminate

Joachim, journeys in stationary traffic, open participation, multiple instances

Carolyn, listening activities, open participation, multiple instances

John, speaking music & a world not-yet, open participation (+ one evening performance)

Luka, Hunting Music, open participation workshop, one or two instances

Michael, Melodic Currents (1) (for Joachim Eckl), open participation, multiple instances

Anna, The wind of the breathing body

Friday, Aug 18

Arrival day, dinner ca. 19:00.

Saturday, Aug 19

10:00h : Open time to meet and discuss the week

14:00h : Jennie, Score-making piece, open participation. Introduction of piece.

20:30h : Germaine, Marcus || Bernd, James, Joachim || Luke, aaron

Sunday, Aug 20

10:00h : James: 'Callander', open participation. Introduction of piece.

20:30h : Martin & Germaine, 'The Voice in the closet'

Monday, Aug 21

10:30h : Nina, Experimental Writing Workshop, open participation. Session 1.

14:00h : Jennie, Score-making piece, open participation. Session 2.

20:30h : Abby, 'Dudley Carter'

Tuesday, Aug 22

08:15h : Joachim 'journeys in stationary traffic'

10:20h : Train toe Haslach, Mühkreisbahn Haslach. Museum

Wednesday, Aug 23

10:00h : Carolyn Chen 'Cooks' - rehearsal

14:00h : checkin on Jennie's and James's pieces || afb/aaron 're: the tipping point'

16:00h : Michael's 'piece based on John’s text. readers and sustaining instruments' - open rehearsal. please let michael know if you're interested in taking part

17:00h : Rehearsal: 'Tipping Point/Piano Search - John & Joachim & multiple players (anybody interested can join in)'

20:30h : James, 'trio' || Germaine, 'Juglans' || Carolyn 'Cooks' || Bernd, 'TonStillen'

Thursday, Aug 24

10:30h : Nina, Experimental Writing Workshop, open participation. Session 2.

14:00h : Jennie, Score-making piece, open participation. Session 3.

19:00h : VENISSAGE, Michaela, 'Bilderwachstum' || Kathrin 'Die neuen Trāume des Morgen'

20:30h : John 'speaking music: The Tipping Point' Pieces by Joachim || Luke || Germaine & Lukatoyboy || Carolyn || Michael || Bernd & Martin

22:00h : Joachim 'journeys in stationary traffic'

Friday, Aug 25

06:00h : Michael 'Melodic Currents'

- Leaves from the Station at 6:00.

- Total duration is about 2 hours (we should be back by 8:00)

- Walking distance is about 4.5 km.

14:00h : James: 'Callander', open participation. rehearsal.

17:30h : Bernd 'Wozu Musik?'

20:30h : Marcus 'pink noise (circle III)' || Bernd 'TonStillen'

Saturday, Aug 26

10:00h : Lukatoyboy 'Hunting Music'

20:30h : James, 'Callander' || Nina 'Reading' || Lukatoyboy 'Auction Performance'

Sunday, Aug 27

Departure day, breakfast in the morning.